Improvement and sustainability of agricultural produce must highlight the technical and economic aspects and the importance of individual farmers within the overall production chain. By improving the sustainability of the system it will be possible to endow the farmers with a greater contractual power in their dealings with intermediaries, vesting them with a greater political and legal power. Improving access to markets will contribute greatly to raising the standards of living of the smallholders, in terms of both product standardization to meet demand requirements and of gaining greater visibility thanks to the strengthening of sector organizations involved in the programmes.

The development of agricultural production and marketing

Sustainable development of agricultural produce calls for the use of appropriate production techniques, as well as improving quality standards by stabilising prices, ensuring better fruit and vegetable selection, using modern packaging, promoting entrepreneurial capacity building, as well as technology and infrastructure improvement. The development of multifunctional modules will also be important: the purpose of such modules is to support the post-harvesting production stages (collection, selection, preservation, packaging, processing, etc.) and marketing. These modules may also be useful in training (courses or single information days), in organizing local farmers' markets, and in promoting meetings among the members of the association and of a more social nature.

The modules will be managed – operatively and administratively – directly by the producers within their associations, and they will be funded with the profits from marketing, with a percentage being allotted specifically for the upkeep and maintenance of the facilities and machine equipment.