Compared to the dates that flood European supermarkets around Christmas, Libyan dates represent a glorious celebration of biodiversity and flavor. Today in Libya there are still there 95 different commercial varieties. This incredible wealth has served as a highly effective natural defense for the Libyan plantations, which remained safe from pathogen attacks like Bayoud disease, that in Morocco have destroyed vast monocultures.

The fruits of the Al Jufrah palms represent the essence of a land shaped by nature and expertly tended by people of the oases.

dates Bamour dates berni dates bestian dates deglet dates halima
Abel Bamour Berni Bestian Deglet Halima
abel barmour berni bestian deglet halima
dates hamria dates kathari dates noyet neka dates omglaib dates saiedi dates saila
Hamria Kathari Noyet Meka Omglaib Saiedi Saila
hamria kathari noyet meka omglaib saiedi saila
dates sokeri dates tagiat dates Talis dates Tameg dates tasferit dates zebur
Sokeri Tagiat Talis Tameg Tasferit Zebur
sokeri tagiat talis tameg tasferit zebur