mappa zellah e al fugha mappa oasi waddan
Oasi Zellah e Al Fugha Oasi Waddan
mappa oasi sokna mappa oasi hun
Oasi Sokna Oasi Hun

Realised in the framework of the Cooperation Project " Improvement and Valorisation of Date Palm in Al Jufrah Oasis" financed by the General Direction for Development Cooperation of the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, realized by Istituto Agronomico per l’Oltremare of Florence (Italy) in partnership with the Libyan Board of Improving and Developing Olive and Palm Trees , June 2010.

Design and set up: Giacomo Delli (Istituto Agronomico per l’Oltremare of Florence), Massimo Battaglia (Istituto Agronomico per l’Oltremare of Florence), Carlo Bergesio (Horticulture Department - University of Florence), Bashir Ghsera (Date Palm and Olive Development and Improvement Corporation).